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Justin Loves Brazil

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"With its luscious tropical weather, beautiful people (just look at any Victoria Secret catalog), cultural and racial diversity, a booming economy, and predilection for late-night dance parties, Brazil is a country with a wealth of assets. That said, we are increasingly impressed by the caliber of Brazilian electronic music these days. Below are some choice bands and DJs that know how to get the party started:


The eccentric band, CSS which is short for Cansei De Ser Sexy i.e. “I got tired of being sexy” in Portuguese, crafts feisty, party-inducing electro-rock. Lead Singer LoveFoxxx is especially known her raucous stage antics and flamboyant outfits (ranging from full face-paint and day-glo neon leotards to surprise strip-teases!)

VIDEO: CSS – Let’s Make Love and Listen To Death From Above


While Bonde Do Role and CSS often get classified in the same style bucket, this young, hyper band tends to overlap more native sounds – from baile funk to Brazilian percussion – with experimental club beats and synths and Portuguese rap-sing lyrics. PS The video below also offers a great peep into Brazilian “favela” and city life.

VIDEO: Bonde Do Role – Solta O Frango


This twenty-one year old DJ from Southern Brazil, Pericles Martin, i.e. Boss In Drama, carves smooth, sexy dance beats to listen to as the sun sets. Like a Brazilian one man Chromeo, he breezily mixes vocoder, electro-funk, hook-heavy synths, and 80s Italo disco. (If you dig these beats, he’s got tracks for download straight of his myspace.)

VIDEO: Boss In Drama – Favorite Song:


The electro-pop style of duo Montage – Daniel Peixoto (lead singer and model) and Leco Jucá (producer) was inspired by “the tropical beaches and sex tourism of Fortaleza city.” That said, their music is definitely not tame: Imagine Prodigy meets Shiny Toy Guns with tons of Brazilian passion? Taste it only if you dare.

VIDEO: Montage – I Trust My Dealer

(*note: While we support the beat, we don’t necessarily support the language or theme)


The Floridian DJ may not be a native Brazilian but he definitely was instrumental of bringing this brand of Brazilian music to an international audience. Diplo was one of the first US DJs to mash up native Brazilian baile funk and funk carioca music up with western DJ styles. i.e. creatively mixing Miami bass with samba drums loops, baile funk and rap. In other words, it’s music that’s “designed to be played as loud as possible, with the bass turned high in the sweltering, tropical night.”

(P.S. The videos Favela On Blast, which he put out on his label Mad Decent, are meant to capture as well as celebrate the brazen life in Rio’s slum areas.)

VIDEO: Diplo – Diplo DJing Live with Bonde Do Role Radioclit Feat. Amanda Blank"

Resumindo: ele paga um pau pros novos sons vindos da terrabrasilis. Dá nome aos bois com direito até a clipe pra cada um dos citados.
CSS, bonde do role e bo$$ in drama já tocoou na RepOur HEEIN!!
Falta só o novo garanhão americano aparecer por aqui. Estaria ele preparando o terreno?

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